Double R Country Store (formerly Double R Supply) has been a leader in the poultry supply business for many years. We ship domestically and internationally as well. Regardless of your need, be it chicken supplies, ratite, waterfowl, game bird, poultry or even reptile, we have you covered. So whether you just want to raise a few free range chickens or run a full-fledged poultry farm Double R Country Store has the poultry products you need.

More and more suburbanites today are raising a few chickens in their backyards for a fresh egg supply and to insure hormone and pesticide free meats. For those we offer a complete line of chicken coops, poultry shelters, chicken runs, nesting boxes, and chicken tractors to choose from. We also have all the accessories you might need or want. This lineup includes cage building supplies, feeders and waterers, cleaners and disinfectants. As always these products are from top quality manufacturers such as Easy Garden, Mag Coops, Horizon Structures, Ware, Kuhl, Imexco, GQF, Little Giant and Brower.

And if poultry production is your business we have what you need. We sell and ship fertile eggs and live chicks of many varieties such as Bantam chicks, and Broiler chicks, full size Standard, Common, Crested, Rare and Very Rare Breed chicks, Ducklings, Goslings, Keets, Turkey Poults, and gamebirds like Quail, Chukar, Pheasant and Peafowl. We also sell egg candlers, scales, incubators, hatchers, brooders, grow out pens, I.C.U.’s, debeakers, toe clippers,egg cartons and flats,  plus most hard to find specialty poultry, waterfowl and gamebird supplies. These products are from manufacturers like GQF (Georgia Quail farms), Brinsea, Lyon, Brower / Hawkeye Steel, Pickwick Knase, RCom, Rooster Booster and many more. We carry many replacement parts for your poultry breeding and raising equipment as well.

Double R is also a full line supplier of poultry processing equipment. We have everything from tabletop pluckers for home or small farm use to conveyor systems for large poultry processing operations. We can meet your needs for Dunkmaster scalders, pluckers, pickers for chickens, ducks, pheasants, turkeys, and geese, loading tables, and accessories by Knase, Dux, and Brower.

We are adding new product lines in our Farm Supply section as well. We still sell bulk feed and grain storage bins, stock tanks, two hole cattle drinkers, sheep and calf drinkers, field drinkers, insulated drinkers, electric drinkers, bull feeders, hog feeders, indoor and outdoor pet feeders, creep feeders, mineral feeders and so much more.

We are proud to announce that Double R Country Store is now a distributor of Span-Tech fabric and wire mesh covered buildings. Span-Tech has long been a leader in high quality, low cost buildings for grain storage, covered animal feeding, poultry housing, calf barns and many other uses. These economical and sturdy buildings are available in many widths and practically any length to meet your particular needs. Check them out in the farm section of our online store.

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